Linens and Lace Care Products

Linens & Lace Care
  • Normally, cotton lace can be hand washed, OR machine-washed on "Delicates" program. See manufacturer instructions. Always HAND WASH your Church laces!
  • Use mild detergents. With white cotton lace, non-chlorine bleach may be used, to remove stains.
  • Avoid applying any sort of vigorous physical force, because lace fibers can be easily damaged.
  • When the lace is clean, squeeze it gently to remove water. DO NOT WRING.
  • Place the lace between two towels (on ironing board), and iron.

  • Usually linen can be machine-washed without any problem, and even becomes more pleasant to touch after numerous laundries.
  • Linen may be line-dried or machine-dried. Just be sure to remove the linen from the line or the dryer while it is still damp.
  • Linen likes regular soap or gentle detergent. For white linens, you may use oxygen-type bleaches (chlorine bleaches can cause yellowing).
  • It�s recommended to iron linen while it�s still damp. You may use hot to very hot setting, depending on linen weight. The thicker the linen, the hotter your iron should be.
  • Light-colored linen should be ironed on the wrong side first, then on the right side. Dark linens - on the wrong side only. When ironing an embroidered linen, put a soft towel over embroidered area, and iron via the towel. Read more about Linen Material & Care.

  • Orvus Quilt Soap
    Great to clean and restore delicate fabrics like silk, linen and cotton. 8 oz. This item is currently out of stock!
    Best Press Spray
    For ironing linen or cotton, helps remove most stubborn wrinkles easily and quickly. 6 oz. This item is currently out of stock!
    Vintage Textile Soak
    Removes yellowing and brown spots on lace, handkerchiefs, and other antique linens.
    Approximately 14 oz. This item is currently out of stock!