Little Shoe Hat Pin with free embroidery designs

Little Shoe Hat Pin
1/3 yd med weight linen
1/3 yd heavy canvas
Water Soluble Stabilizer
Little Shoe Hat Pin free embroidery design

Make templates of the two designs.

Stitch top portion of shoe first. Hoop 2 layers WSS. Cut 1 layer of linen and 1 layer canvas large enough to cover design.

Stitch first color on WSS.

Lay the linen and canvas on top of the stitched lines and stitch second color.

Remove hoop from machine and cut excess linen and canvas away.

Return hoop to machine and finish stitching design. Remove hoop from machine.

Stitch bottom of shoe design in same manner except use 2 layers of canvas and 1 layer linen.

On top portion of shoe, trim away excess WSS and wash away remaining stabilizer. Pat semi-dry on towel then place it on top of template and adjust it, curving to match the template.

Set aside to air dry. This step will give this piece the correct curve to fit the bottom portion of the shoe.

Do not wash away WSS on bottom portion of shoe. Trim away WSS as close to stitching as you can without cutting embroidery threads. Using a wet cotton swab, dissolve away any remaining WSS from perimeter.

Allow both pieces to completely dry before sewing together.

Using monofilament thread (invisible thread) hand sew the top portion to the bottom.

Stitch silk ribbon to heel of shoe, tie a bow and fill with decorative antique hat pins.

Water Soluble Backing
Great for freestanding lace and cut-work designs
"Little Shoe Hat Pin" project designs
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