Making Monogrammed Notepad using Hand-Made Paper

Making Monogrammed Notepad
This lovely project has been emailed to us by Nancy Babb. Nancy made a very special embroidered notepad with monogram frame from Sweet Roses design set and "B" initial embroidered inside that frame.

The embroidery was done on hand-made paper! This paper was of really good quality so Nancy managed to hoop it the regular way, like fabric, and embroider directly on it.

It you'd like to repeat the same project using less than perfect paper, you may hoop cutaway backing, attach the paper on top of it using temporary adhesive spray, and then embroider.

Below you'll find an instruction for making the notepad, kindly provided by Nancy.


1. Hoop and stitch handmade paper just like regular fabric, using design from Sweetfashion Roses set and a monogram. You may align the designs and save them together in single file, to make the process easier.

2. Cut 2 pieces of chipboard to approximately 1/4" larger than your notepad.

3. Cut 3-rd piece of chipboard the same depth of your notepad.

4. Tape the three pieces together.

5. Glue stitched paper and ribbon to chipboard.

6. Cover inside "top" with the same handmade paper and glue the notepad down on the "bottom". Done!


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