Monogrammed Casserole Carrier Embroidery Project

Monogrammed Casserole Carrier
This casserole carrier was made, and kindly provided to us with detailed step-by-step photos and instructions, by Sally Red.

Sally, thank you!

It's a great idea, and really easy one to implement.

Take a look at the ready carrier (and instructions will follow):

Materials & Supplies:

  • Victoriana Font (for the central initial patch)
  • 1/2 (a half) of table runner
  • Decorative ribbon
  • A button

  • Instructions:

    1. Cut the runner in half.

    2. Serge the raw edges.

    3. Take the serged edge, fold under about an inch and top stitch.

    4. Line up the scalloped edges.

    5. Stitch out monogram directly on carrier front, or apply using the appliqu patch method, before sewing sides together.

    6. Sew sides closed with a straight stitch, reinforcing the ends.

    7. Sew a button hole on the flap, and add a button on the carrier front, to close.

    P.S. I used the solid side for one carrier and the coordinating side for the other. Wonderful gifts, and perfect with a 5x7 glass or metal pan with a favorite hot meal inside!


    Victoriana Font
    Includes 26 capitals letters.
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