Blue Shades Napkin with Dantela Lace Frame

This vintage-style napkin with standalone lace frame has been accomplished by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, thank you so much for the gorgeous project!
The lace frame was assembled from four identical Dantela Lace corners, that have been embroidered on water soluble backing separately. After that, the embroideries have been hand stitched together, and machine sewn on to a piece of cotton fabric in suitable color. After attaching the laces to fabric base, the backing was carefully washed away, leaving a clean and beautifully looking item. Notice the color palette of this project. Bobbie selected the famous Hollandic blue & white color palette, and it came out very unusual due to this color selection.


Required supplies:
  • Dantela Lace designs
  • Water soluble backing - preferably fabric-type water soluble
  • Temporary adhesive spray
  • Strong poly embroidery thread for the lace design.

    Before you rush to embroider or assemble complex lace decorations from pieces, please be sure to read through the instruction that comes along with the designs that you've purchased. It includes clear and detailed explanation of the entire process.

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