Organ Ball Point Home Machine Embroidery Needles Size 75/11

Organ Ball Point Needles 75/11
Ball Point: Ball point needles have a rounded tip as opposed to a sharp tip, therefore they have less cutting action, which reduces the cutting of fabric fibers. These needles are very good for knits or loosely woven fabrics. The cross fibers which constitute the knit or loosely woven fabric are relatively far apart when compared to a tightly woven material. The rounded tip of a ball point separates fibers as opposed to cutting them thus practically eliminating the potential of damaging the garment being sewn. A rounded "ball" point needle is recommended for use with tricots, jerseys, lingerie and power net. Unlike sharp, pointed needles which pierce fibers of knit / fabrics, destroying elasticity, ball points slip between fibers, preventing damage to fabric, and annoying skipped stitches. Select light or medium ball in the correct size to suit fabric.

Pack of 10
Ball point. Size 75/11
Pack of 50
Ball point. Size 75/11
Pack of 100
Ball point. Size 75/11