Pano with Chinese Zodiacs machine embroidery designs

This gorgeous wallhanging has been created from red & khaki light jeans fabrics, using
"Chinese Zodiac" embroidery designs set and names of Chinese years embroidered with golden metallics. You may find this font here - it's called "Oriental" and comes with all these words ready. So you may easily do a similar project within a few hours. It makes a beautiful house warming gift for yourself or anyone else. May be also given as gift for birthday or Chineese New year!

Scroll down to view pattern and read step-by-step instruction for sewing this quilt...



Red denim fabric (add 1/3 inch seam allowance everywhere):

5 vertical strips, each 1w x 21h inch
12 embroidered rectangles (with zodiac names, centered), each 5w x 2h inch
5 rectangles for top loops, each 4w x 3.5h inch
2 top horizontal panels (front & back), each 24 x 2.5 inch
2 bottom horizontal panels (the zigzag ones, front & back), each 24 x 3 inch

Beige fabric (add 1/3 inch seam allowance everywhere):

12 embroidered squares (with zodiac signs, centered), each 5w x 5h inch

Lining (wall hanging back) (add 1/3 inch seam allowance everywhere):

1 piece of fabric, 23.5w x 22h inch


Step 1 - Embroider 24 designs (12 Chinese animal zodiac designs, and 12 names of those animals). The animals shall be embroidered on light beige fabric, and lettering - on red denim.

Step 2 - Cut out all quilt blocks, as described in "supplies" section. When cutting out the embroidered pieces, use paper stencils to help yourself mark their edges right. Remember - each design should be centered on it's block.

Step 3 - Organize the cut out pieces on your working surface, like shown on this diagram:


Step 4 - Sew "Column #1" pieces together, seams inside ( c1d1 with e1f1, g1h1 with i1j1, k1l1 with m1n1, o1p1 with q1r1, s1t1 with u1v1 ). Repeat identical procedure with "Column #1", "Column #2", "Column #3", "Column #4". At the end of this step, you should have four long vertical embroidered rectangles - a1b1x1w1, a2b2x2w2, a3b3x3w3 & a4b4x4w4.

Step 5 - Sew together all pieces on previous diagram ( CD with a1w1, b1x1 with FE, GH woth a2w2, b2x2 with JI, KL with a3w3, b3x3 with MN, OP with a4w4, b4x4 with RQ ).

Step 6 - Sew 5 handles from 5 square pieces of fabric on diagram #2 (sew a1b1 with c1d1 to create the first handle, and so on with the other 4, while all seams on the reverse side of fabric). Turn all 5 loops to to their right side.


Step 7 - Take ABCD piece of fabric, and lay it flat on your working surface, face up. Take the 5 handles you've made during "Step 6", double fold them to make hanging loops, lay and pin to ABCD square (with loop edges on AB edge), in equal distance from one another. Lay EFGH fabric over, face down. Pin it as well, tack in all the layers (AB with EF, and all handled between them). Remove the pins, and machine sew. Top part ready.

Step 8 - Sew CF (diagram #2) with BS (diagram #1), seams to the reverse side, aligning then both to center.

Step 9 - Cut out the bottom panels according to following diagram:


Step 10 - Take ABCDEFGH piece of fabric, and lay it flat on your working surface, face up. Take 4 tassels, and place them over the fabric, just like you previously did with handles. The cord of each tassel should go to D, E, F & G corners. Stitch them to the fabric. Lay IJKLMNOP fabric over, face down. Make sure all edges meet, pin both layers together and tack them in (CDEFGH with KLMNOP). Remove the pins, and machine sew. Bottom part ready.

Step 11 - Sew AB (diagram #3) with AT (diagram #1), seam at the reverse side. Now, sew the sides as well - both on top and bottom. Iron the edges, and hand-sew the lining. That's it!


If you decide to use fabric that peals away heavily, like satin, which is traditional for Chinese textiles - right after finishing "Step 2", stitch around each piece with narrow zigzag, to prevent pealing edges.

Click here to navigate to Chinese Zodiacs designs set. By ordering it, you will get the animals designs used in this project. And you may get the Oriental alphabet separately, here. It will already come with the set of animal names used in this project.


Zodiac Signs
12 Zodiac animals in authentic Chinese style. 4x4 inch hoop.
Oriental Font
124 symbols included - each in two sizes.