Green Monogrammed Pillow with Tassel & Lace Medallion

This stylish monogrammed pillow, adorned with lace medallion and tassel, was contributed by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, thank you!!!

Bobbie embroidered the pillow front with Cherry Punch initials, embroidered the lace medallion separately on water soluble backing, then attached it to the middle of the pillow along with the tassel, and added outside trimming. Here's a photo of ready pillow, and below you'll find Bobbie's instruction, and some more pictures of other beautiful pillows:

Green Monogrammed Pillow with Tassel &
 Lace Medallion - ready 1

  • Cut two pieces of suede fabric 12� x 15�
  • You will need one decorator tassel
  • Enough trim to go around the pillow
  • Water soluble backing (to stitch the lace)
  • Tearaway backing (to support the letters)
  • Cherry Punch Initials
  • Lace medallion from Dantela lace Blocks embroidery designs set

  • Instruction:

    Step 1: Stitch out lace medallion on water soluble backing (fabric-tupe WSB recommended). Rinse out the WSB, and the lace lay flat to dry.

    embroider lace medallion on water
 soluble backing

    Step 2: Embroider initials on front of pillow. (DSCN2260, 2261)

    embroider initials

    Step 3: Pin tassel cord to front side of the pillow, centering it between initials.

    pin tassel

    Step 4: Zig-zag stitch the tassel cord in place.

    stitch tassel

    Step 5: Place and pin lace medallion over tassel cord, and stitch it in place.

    pin medallion

    stitch medallion

    Step 6: Stitch fringe trim, right sides together, to front of the pillow.

    pin medallion

    pin medallion

    pin medallion

    Step 7: Stitch front to back, right sides together, leaving about 6� opening at the bottom for turning. Turn right side out, trim and clip corners.

    pin medallion

    Pillow ready!

    pin medallion

    And here are a couple of more beautiful pillows by Bobbie:

    Green Victoriana Pillow

    Aster Initials Pillow

    Vintage Pink Victoriana Pillow


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