Placemat-Sampler with Cross Stitch Grapes Embroidery Font

This lovely placemat-sampler was created to show how embroidery fonts may be used "solely for decoration" - not for personalizing. Decorative letters is a very intresting theme, because that's how it all began hundreds of years ago, with traditional samplers. Ladies used to cross stitch pieces of fabric with letters, and decorate them with tiny designs and special stitches. The sole purpose of this was to practice stitching. Little by little, this tradition evolved to more advanced "sampler" level, an became an art on it's own.

Naturally, samplers can also be done using an embroidery machine. You may easily combine small letters in embroidery software and stitch all of them together, OR, if the letters are large and can't fit a single hooping, just re-hoop. Both of these methods are fast and work great, once you know the technique (see tips at the bottom of this page).

Our sample placemat was embroidered on white medium-weight linen, with two embroidery fonts - large Grapes font and small Grapes font one. Then fringe was created by pulling out the thread on fabric edges.
Here are some photos of the placemat:




1. Visit this page to learn joining and aligning letters using embroidery software.


Grape Vines Font XS Large
Set includes all capital letters.
Grape Vines Font XS Small
Set includes all capital letters.