"Happy Birthday" Placemat with Lace Irises Corner

This jolly placemat has been accomplished by Viveka Berg from Sweden. Viveka, thank you so much for the awesome project!
The lace corner design has been embroidered separately on water soluble backing. Then it was attached to a placemat, that was embroidered with "Happy Birthday" and sewn separately. The Lace corner was embroidered using design from Irises Lace set, and the lettering was done using Rose Elegance alphabet. Here's a photo:


Required supplies:
  • Iris Lace designs
  • Rose Elegance alphabet
  • Batting
  • Fabric (Viveka used cotton fabric)
  • Embroidery backing to embroider the lettering - for this project, cotton iron-on tearaway is great.

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    Iris Lace
    7 project-oriented lace designs for making elegant fashion accessories and home decor items. 5x7-inch hoops.
    Rose Elegance Font
    Includes 62 designs - uppercase, lowercase & numerals.