Roses Allure Set in Projects

Roses Allure Set in Projects
Here comes a plethora of items, decorated with designs from Roses Allure collection.

We've picked them up to give you more ideas about where and how to use designs from this set.

It's an extremely versatile collection, that features so many rose designs and shapes, that it can be used in nearly endless ways.

Here are some nice examples (all of these projects were kindly sent by our customers).

Monogram Pillow

This monogrammed cream canvas pillow features a monogram frame assembled from two mirrored roses, and an initial from Old-fashioned Charm alphabet.

Two Cute Cushions

These are two more cute cushions.

Bed Sheets Adorned With Roses

These are elegant white bed sheets, adorned with roses.

Close Up Sheets

And here is the above bed sheets close-up.

Bath Towel

Here is a lovely bath towel.

Nightdress Case

This is a lingerie bag.

Hot Water Bottle Cover

A lovely fleece cover for a hot water bottle.

Beautiful Cushions In Creme And Oatmeal Colors

And the final one - beautiful cushions in creme and oatmeal colors.

They stitch out great using our 100-color thread kit.


Roses Allure Set
31 cross stitch designs. Hoop size: 14 counts - 6"x10", 16 counts - 5" x 7"
Old-fashioned Charm XS Alphabet
Set includes all capital letters.
Single Letters Available