Sakura japanese flavor headbands

Sakura japanese flavor headbands
Item# SJFH


As a beginning embroiderer I chose a simple headband design.

PART 1. Natural look hairband.

1. Choose a fabric that is large enough for the pattern. I scrounged through my quilting bin, and found these alternatives. I ultimately chose the tiny spots, which are a favorite of the Japanese. I wanted the branches to blend into the background, and the beautiful rosy blossoms to shine forth.

2. Choose your thread colors. I had to choose from my limited and miscellaneous collection, to get the most harmonious range of color that would also look good on the soft brown.

3. Hoop your stabilizer and fabric, making sure your pattern area is on target. I used cutaway stabilizer and spray to attach the fabric to the stabilizer.

4. Have your thread choices at the ready. I try to plan ahead. Once I start, I make my final decisions as I go along.

5. Be attentive as you let her rip!

6. Unhoop your prize! Center the pattern piece over your design. Nice to have a little leeway!

7. Construct the hairband according to pattern directions.

PART 2. Silky hairband.

1. Choose another fabric for the second one. I chose scintillating white shantung, another oriental favorite. I wanted this one to really shine, using more aggressive colors.

2. Hoop in the same manner as before. This time, each side of the band had a duplicate design and had to be placed carefully. I have a 5x7 frame, and the two designs required two hoopings. The design was placed as far down as possible, leaving about 2� between it and the second copy.

3. Carefully run through your color sequence. I find it helps to check off every single step.

4. Rehoop, rotating 180 for the sister design. This pattern did not need to be flipped, as it would naturally turn on the other side of the band, and created a pretty swirl at the top.

5. When the second is done, unhoop and cut out pattern, as in the first case. Finish according to pattern directions.

VOILA! Two very different effects with the same set of designs.!As a beginning embroiderer I chose a simple headband design.

Made by: Lu Wetmore