Secret hanger cover with Pastel Tulips

Photos of this this beautiful coathanger cover have been emailed to us by Betty Gricks. Betty, thank you so much for the gorgeous project, excellent photos and detailed instructions!

To decorate this towel and potholders, Betty used APPLIQUE Pastel Tulips designs. Scroll down to read step by step instructions and see closeup photos.



1. Embroider design on to fabric for front window of hanger. Cut back to a 6 inch square.

2. Cut out the hanger cover from the pattern pieces on diagram 1, 2 and 3. Cut hanger cover fabric, lining and pellon. Cut an extra 6 inch square of hanger fabric to face the oval window. (see Pic. #1 below).

3. Mark the oval shape on to the wrong side of the front hanger fabric using the oval template. Place 6 inch square of same fabric under oval marking and machine stitch on marking. Cut out 1/4 inch inside the stitching line. Clip, turn through and press. Securely pin embroidered piece under opening, positioning embroidery in window. Spray pellon with quilt basting spray and place pellon under front, pin and machine 1/4 inch around window, securing embroidery (see Pic. #2 below).

4. Spray back pieces with quilt basting spray and place under matching main fabric pieces. Sean each end 1 inch and sew zipper into opening.

5. Place front and back pieces together, right sides facing and machine stitch around edge. Leaving a small opening at the top center for hanger hook. Turn through to right side and top stitch 1/4 inch or so in from Scallop bottom.

6. Press matching back zipp opening edges under 1/2 inch and stitch lining pieces together, leaving the same opening for hanger hook.

7. Place lining inside cover pin at zipper edge and hook opening, hand stitch in place (see Pic. #3 below).

8. To over a commercial pre padded hanger with the main fabric. Thread clear plastic tubing onto hook, cover with bias of main fabric and secure to padded hanger.

9. Cut 2 pieces of main fabric 4 1/4 inches x 9 inches, sew with 1/4 inch seam to form a tube. Hand gather one end of each piece from the wrong side, turn through. Thread onto each end of the padded hanger, turn edges under at center and slip stitch together (see Pic. #4 below).

10. Place cover over padded hanger, tie a ribbon bow as a finishing touch and make small matching bags to hold small treasures (see Pic. #5 below).

Click here to navigate to Applique Pastel Tulips embroidery designs set.


Pastel Tulips
7 Applique tulips designs. 5x7 inch hoops required. Detailed applique instructions are included.