Shoulder Bag with Opium Poppy Applique Flowers

Shoulder Bag
This simple yet handy shoulder bag can be extremely useful for a young lady, or for recreational purposes, like putting there your picnic sandwiches.

This lovely bag was created and sent to us by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, thank you! Bobbie used design from Opium Poppy set, to decorate the bag front. And the body was done from hem-stitched guest towels.

Items needed:
2 Guest towels
Small piece of fabric for appliqu�
5 yds Decorator cord (handles)
1 pkg. grommets
Water-Soluble Stabilizer

Stitch the embroidery design following instructions for appliqu� technique.
Stitch first line of appliqu�, remove hoop. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the appliqu� area. Spray it with fabric adhesive, let dry until tacky then press fabric down on area to be appliqu�d.

Return hoop to machine. Stitch second line.

Remove hoop and trim excess fabric on outside of stitching.

Return hoop and finish stitching design. Remove from hoop, trim away excess WSS. Wash away WSS under running water. Pin front to back at sides, right sides together. Stitch sides together to within 1� of the top. Run a double row of stitching across the bottom above the existing hem in the guest towels.

Serge between our new double row of stitching and the previous hem, this will cut off the old hem and finish your new hem.

Cut the decorative cord in half, this gives you two 2 � yard pieces. Run the first cord from right to left and loop it through the two openings at the top of the bag.

Run the second cord from left to right (opposite the first cord).

Insert grommets 1�up and 1� over at each bottom corner of the bag, following the manufacturers instructions.

Note: When using thin decorator fabric such as light weight linen, you may need to perforate several small pieces of cloth such as ultrasuede or similar fabric and put it between front and back inside bag where the grommets will be placed.

This will give a tighter fit for the grommets. Run cords from front to back through grommets.

Tie a knot.

Press bag. Finished.

Opium Poppy Applique Flowers
8 poppies flowers, designed in applique technique. 5x7-inch hoops
Guest Towels
Water Soluble Backing
Great for freestanding lace and cut-work designs