Silver Socks with Violets

Photos and instructions for this cute project have been emailed to us by Carol Van de Wetering. Carol, thank you so much for sending your project!

Here are a few words from Carol herself:

These are pictures of Silver Socks. I wanted covering for some of my silver items that I store in drawers, to protect them from scratches. If you'd like to use the same idea for your own items, just measure their length and width. I used soft knit fabric, so the actual sock was a little smaller in size for the stretch direction of the fabric, and a slight bit longer for the length which was on the firm "non stretch" of the fabric. The closure of the bag is either with elastic in casing or with a ribbon tied around the "neck" of the bag.

I used iron on stabilizer and a cut away hooped. I used violets designs that were the same shape as the trays. This is a beautiful cross stitch set and I think maybe it would have looked lovely to put the family initial in the middle of the designs.



Click here to navigate to Violets designs set, and get 11 great violets designs - ones used for creating this project, and many more!


1. You may embroider a monogram instead of the design, especially it it's done for a gift (can be a beautiful gift!). To get a DELUXE Violets set, with 2 matching violets fonts, and borders, click here....


All About Violets
Violets designs in 11 project oriented shapes. 5x7 inch hoop.
Violets Borders
6 border designs with Violets. 5x7 inch hoop.
Violets XS Font Large
Set includes all capital letters.
Single Letters Available
Violets XS Font Small
Set includes all capital letters.