Sleeping Mask Embroidery Project

Sleeping Mask
This lovely sleeping mask was created by Bobbie Berry. It is wide enough to prevent light from coming in the sides.

Bobbie used the Ornate Font to spell out Dream and one of the butterfly designs out of Butterfly Lace Medallions Set.

Below you may read the instruction which Bobbie has kindly put together, describing how to sew this sleeping mask.

Items needed:
Pattern paper
1/4 yd top fabric, fleece. lining, organdy for butterfly designs
1 yd ribbon for ties
Water-Soluble Stabilizer
Ornate Font
Butterfly Lace Medallions Set


Draw pattern. Dimensions Bobbie used are 13" x 5 1/2". This allows mask to cover enough area on the sides to prevent light filtering in.
Stitch the "Dream" lettering on fabric before cutting out. Cut one piece of fabric, fleece and lining.

Pin and stitch fleece to wrong side of top section. (The embroidered piece.)

Cut "tie ribbons" and stitch to either side of mask.

Right sides together, stitch lining to front piece, leaving open at one side for turning right side out. Turn and blind stitch opening.

Hoop 2 layers WSS and stitch butterfly designs.

Cut away excess WSS and wash out remaining WSS.

Lay flat to air dry. When dry, cut away organdy fabric, leaving a small amount (see photo)- be sure to not cut embroidery threads

Arrange butterfly patches on mask and hand stitch using invisible thread.



Butterfly Lace Medallions
6 standalone lace medallions with colorful butterflies. Suitable for 4x4-inch hoops.
Ornate Font
Set includes 52 designs.
26 capital & 26 lower case letters