Santa's Little Helper Tote

This stunning project was contributed by Darla Simmons - be sure to check out other Darla's items as well, they're all stylish, original and easy to accomplish. Here is a photo of ready tote - and below you'll find Darla's instruction. Have fun!

Santa's Little Helper tote with
 snowflake embroidery designs

When holiday shopping season arrives, jump in with both feet. Show your holiday spirit and be the envy of the other shoppers at the mall. Every time I went out with this bag, someone would ask... Oh that so cute, where did you get it? My proud response was, oh I just thought it up and made it using my embroidery and sewing machine. Thanks for asking :o)

Supplies list:
  • Snowflakes embroidery designs
  • Brushed cotton fabric in Christmas red color
  • White faux fur
  • Thick batting
  • Lining fabric
  • Laundry-safe thread (polyester preferable)

  • Instruction: 1. To give the bag extra body, I used warm and natural batting, and just using a simple diamond pattern, I quilted the pieces together. 2. I used three layers of light-weight stabilizer when embroidering the snowflakes. They sewed out effortlessly, it was fun to watch these beautiful snowflakes appear. I used a silvery white poly thread to give it a little extra dazzle. I think it worked well, they almost shine. 3. The inside has a simple lining, with a small cell-phone pocket. 4. Add the faux fur and handles, and you're done!

    Fill these with small gifts and give them as presents... more fun than stockings!