Snowflake Ornaments Machine Embroidery Design

Snowflake Ornaments
Snowflake Ornaments
Item# 2-MS-RF-SOSnowflakeOrnaments-8

This set features 8 amazing winter-theme designs of snowflake ornaments. Great for Christmas decorations, and generally for winter season! All of these snowflakes should be embroidered on a layer of water soluble backing + a layer of organza fabric. You will be able to cut outer organza edges after 1st thread gets embroidered, and then complete the design with clean, neat satin stitch edges. Then wash the WSB away, and snowflake ready... They can be used to decorate a tree, windows, hang them from the ceiling etc etc...


Snowflake 1
Size: 3.65" x 3.89"
Snowflake 2
Size: 3.79" x 3.87"
Snowflake 3
Size: 3.79" x 3.87"
Snowflake 4
Size: 3.75" x 3.87"
Snowflake 5
Size: 3.87" x 3.87"
Snowflake 6
Size: 3.82" x 3.87"
Snowflake 7
Size: 3.62" x 3.87"
Snowflake 8
Size: 3.65" x 3.87"