The Sunflowers XS Alphabet Pillow Embroidery Project

The Sunflowers XS Alphabet Pillow
This lovely Sunflowers XS Alphabet Pillow was created by Sally Red. Sally, many thanks for the lovely project!

Perfect for setting a summery feel in the bedroom or on a front porch bench, this pillow will draw the eye to the beautiful Sunflower Monogram in Cross Stitch Technique. The designs are able to be adapted to 14, 16 and 18 count aida cloth so your design will stitch out and look beautifully �hand done�.

Simply adjust your needle so that when it is lowered into the cloth, it sits in a hole.

Using no show mesh stabilizer will give needed support and flexibility to the pillow front, as well as fusing the finished front and back pieces with fusible tricot interfacing. So whether you use a lightweight cotton twill, as pictured here, or a silk dupioni, your pillow will be smooth and professionally done.

Add trims to match your fabric and personal taste and enjoy stitching a pillow for yourself or as a special gift.

The same techniques would apply for framing one of the monograms, as well.


Sunflowers XS Alphabet
Set includes all capital letters.
Single Letters Available
No-show Mesh Backing
For clothes, like T-shirts, lightweight knits etc. 20" width roll. Available in White, Beige & Black.