Iron-on Tear-Away Stabilizer - 100% Cotton, Size: 24" X 50-yard roll

Size: 24" x 50 yards
Size: 24" x 50 yards
Item# 3-DX-ST-Cotton-24-50

Since this cotton tearaway backing becomes super soft after laundering the embroidered item, it's great for non-stretchy types of fabric, when softness is an issue.

- When stitching on baby clothes

- When stitching on any skin touching garments

- Quilting & patchwork

This stabilizer tears away easily when embroidery is finished. It can be ironed on to fabric,to ensure that the fabric stays still while you're embroidering.

Use one layer for lightweight fabrics. For thicker fabric types apply two layers. Placement direction doesn't matter - it tears away great in all directions.