Table Mat For Afternoon Tea - Embroidery Project

Table Mat For Afternoon Tea
This lovely and very interesting Embroidery project was created by Bobbie Berry. This is very easy and quick to make.

Items needed:
1/2 yd fabric
1/2 yd innerlining
2 yds gimp cording trim
Fringe Machine Embroidery Font


Cut 2 layers fabric and 1 layer innerlining 13" x 20". Embroider design on front piece of fabric

Cut and round off the corners of all pieces for easier application of trim.

Stitch innerlining to front piece, wrong sides together.

Stitch trim to front piece, matching edges and clipping at corners.

Unwind trim exactly where it crosses over previously stitched piece.

This makes less bulk. Trim off excess.

Stitch back to front, right sides together, leaving open 8" on one side to turn right side out. After turning, blind stitch opening and press.