"Trick or Treat" Bag by Bobbie Berry

Trick or Treat Bag
This lovely Halloween "Trick or Treat" Bag was created by Bobbie Berry. It is Very Easy & Quick to Make project.

Items needed:
2 ea 16" x 16" fabric
2 ea 4" x 16" fabric (for handles)
1 yd black ribbon
Black Cats embroidery design Set


Stitch the embroidery design on the front piece of fabric.

Right sides together, serge the sides and bottom of bag.

Serge the top opening of bag and turn down 1" and stitch forming a hem. Turn right side out.

Turn in sides of handles 1" then fold in half which will form a 1" handle. Top stitch both sides of handles.

Arrange handles on bag at desired placement and stitch in place.

Press bag. Make bow and attach to bag.


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