Water Soluble Topping for Embroidery, Rroll of 6-5/8" width x 110-yard length, 1.1 oz weight

Water Soluble Topping
Water Soluble Topping
Item# 3-ES-TW-Roll-110
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This topping film is designed for use with high-pile fabrics, and for other fabric types that have a tendency to "swallow stitches". The film prevents stitches from "sinking" into the fabric. It can enhance embroidery on nearly any type of fabric, but is absolutely A MUST for following fabric types:

- Terrycloth

- Velour

- Pique knit

- Corduroy

- Fleece

- Velvet

How to use: Place the topping over the fabric, embroidery designs, then cut away large edges of the topping film, and wash away the rest in warm water. The topping will dissolve.