Water Soluble Topping, Pack of 100 pre-cut squares, 12" x 12" size, 1.1 oz weight

Water Soluble Topping
Water Soluble Topping
Item# 3-ES-TW-Squares12x12-100
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This topping film is intended for fabric types that have a tendency to "swallow stitches", like high-pile fabrics etc. It prevents stitches from "sinking" into the fabric.

This topping can enhance embroidery on nearly any type of fabric, and help designs "stand out". But it is absolutely A MUST when dealing with the following fabric types:

- Terrycloth

- Velour

- Pique knit

- Corduroy

- Fleece

- Velvet

How to use: Place the the film on top of the fabric, embroidery designs, cut/tear away large edges of the film, and wash away the rest in warm water. The topping film will dissolve.