Winter 24-cone Polyester Embroidery Thread Kit

Winter 24-cone Polyester Thread Kit
Winter 24-cone Polyester Thread Kit
Item# 3-JM-TP-Winter-24

Winter 24-cone Polyester Thread Kit
  • Brand: ThreaDelight

  • The kit includes: 24 1100-yard thread cones

  • Tread type: 100% polyester (strong, shiny, durable & color-resistant)

  • Thread weight: 40 wt

  • Colors: 24 different colors

    This thread pack includes a total of 24 WINTER thread colors - a very handy selection of colors for winter and Christmas projects - it includes many tones of traditional Christmas green, red and golden colors, gentle shades of blue for snowflakes and snowmen, and so on. A must have for making Christmas gifts.

    Each thread cone wihin this pack includes 1100 yards (1000 meters) of thread, and comes with a removable plastic cap. The purpose of these caps is to lock thread ends, to prevent unwinding while the thread is not being used.

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