Liturgical Cotton Lace Edging

<font color="Darkslategray"><b>Liturgical Lace Edging</b> </font>
We're excited to offer an exceptionally beautiful series of religious laces.

Only a very small handful of manufacturers in Europe, let make lace with natural materials such as linen and cotton, of such exceptional beauty and finest quality.

The lace edgings listed below are all made in Germany, 100% cotton.

They are often used as edging for altar cloths, church curtains and other Christian-themed accessories, like Christmas & Easter home decor stuff.

  • Cotton Lace Care

  • Lace Ending - Design 1
    100% cotton. Lace Height: 9.8 inches
    Made in Germany. Price per yard
    Lace Ending - Design 2
    100% cotton. Lace Height: 10.23 inches
    Made in Germany. Price per yard
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    Lace Ending - Design 3
    100% cotton. Lace Height: 5.25 inches
    Made in Germany. Price per yard

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