Dantela Lace Blocks - standalone lace machine embroidery designs

Dantela Lace Blocks
Dantela Lace Blocks
Item# 005-2-AB-FL-dantelalaceblocks-9

9 machine embroidery designs for 5x7 inch hoops

Available formats: Art, Pes, Hus, Vip, Shv, Jef, Xxx, Dst

These lace designs in Italian Dantela style can be used for many different purposes. As you can see, each block is an absolutely finished design, that looks great on it's own. You may just embroider them on water soluble fabric to make coasters, doilies, bookmarks, window ornaments or sun-catchers for decorative mobile.

Each "block" can also be sewn into fabric half-automatically, by your machine, so you may sew them into large quilt blocks, garments and fashion accessories easily. The designs are digitized in such a way to allow in-hoop lace inserting. The designs come with a step-by-step instruction showing how to do in-hoop lace inserting, and how to machine embroider great standalone laces.


Bookmark #1
Size: 3.04" x 6.76",Colors: 2
Bookmark #2
Size: 2.48" x 5.57",Colors: 2
Flower Doily
Size: 4.32" x 4.15",Colors: 2
Rhombus Coaster #1
Size: 3.41" x 3.41",Colors: 2
Rhombus Coaster #2
Size: 3.41" x 3.38",Colors: 2
Round Coaster
Size: 3.16" x 3.16",Colors: 2
Square Block
Size: 4.81" x 4.81",Colors: 2
Square Coaster #1
Size: 2.17" x 2.17",Colors: 2
Square Coaster #2
Size: 2.89" x 2.89",Colors: 2