Pillows Ideas with SweetFashion Roses Set

Pillows Ideas
Quilted Floral Pillow

This advanced pillow project, along with instructions, was kindly shared by Patty Gaugler. Patty, thank you very much!

This lovely pillow is quilted, and Patty provided a step-by-step instruction of doing so. See it below. And here is a picture of the ready pillow:

Materials needed:

- Light-green pastel fabric, 1 yard
- 2 fat quarters of pink and blue print fabric
- Light green zipper, 20”
- Tear-away stabilizer
- Quilter’s square ruler, 12” (optional)
- Embroidery designs from SweetFashion Roses collection

Cutting and Sewing:

1. From the light-green fabric cut (or mark now) two 11” squares, which will be cut down to 9 inches later.

2. Select the sweetroses design, enlarge it 20%. Sew two blue and two pink ones, matching the colors in the fabric. I made the vases pastel and outlined them in black, and for the flower centers used one color from the opposite flower. The blue flowers have pink centers, pink ones have blue centers.

NOTE: These are sewn on the fabric bias, so be sure to stabilize well. Leave at least three inches between the sets of flowers so you have some leeway cutting them apart.

3. On a scrap of green fabric, sew the rose and berry vignette using both pink and green. This will go in the pillow center. Trim it to 2 1/2” square.

4. Cut the four designs into right-triangles with 9 inch sides. Like you cut a 9-inch square in half.

5. From each of the floral fabrics, cut a 9 inch square and cut it in half diagonally. Cut one piece 10” x 2 ½. Cut it in half. This is oversized, you’ll trim it later. From the green fabric, cut two pieces 10” x 2 ½ inches. Cut them in half.

Quilted Floral Pillow 1

Quilted Floral Pillow 2

6. Lay your pieces on the floor before you sew anything together. Here are two different ways to do it.

7. Sew the pieces together in rows, following the photo. Press well, trim sides even. The smaller strips will be a little longer and you will trim them now. Mine finished 18 ½ inches square.

Quilted Floral Pillow

Another optional layout (not used here):

Quilted Floral Pillow

8. Cut a piece of green fabric for the back and sew in a zipper using your favorite method. Sew the back to the pillow front and turn right-side-out using the zipper opening. Press well. Pillow ready!

Quilted Floral Pillow

Sand-color Pillow with Fringe

This beautiful and relatively simple to implement pillow project was kindly shared by Patty Gaugler. Patty, thank you, it's beautiful! t is in fact a very simple pillow - it's beauty is in the unusual fringed closing:

Sand-color Pillow with Fringe

Sand-color Pillow with Fringe 1

Sand-color Pillow with Fringe 2

1. To create a similar pillow, take a piece of sand-colored velour fabric, about 2.8 times your desired pillow side length, and another piece about 0.8 pillow side length (for the reverse side of the closing). For example - the first piece could be 10" x 28", and the second piece - 10" x 8".

2. Cut out the 8"-inch edge of each fabric piece, to form a closing shape like the photos show.

3. Embroider designs from "Sweetfashion Roses", using the hoopless embroidery method. Be sure to use WSF (water soluble film) for the topping, to prevent stitches from sinking into the fluffy texture of velour fabric.

4. Pin fringe to closing, pin the second closing layer above, sew them together.

5. Sew pillow sides together.

6. Stitch a piece of scotch, to hold the closing.

SweetFashion Roses
14 elegant shapes with bullion roses. 4x4 inch hoop.
Cotton Tear-Away Stabilizer
For relatively stable types of fabric. 24" width roll