SweetFachion Roses Collection in Projects

SweetFachion Roses in Projects
Here comes a plethora of items, decorated with designs from SweetFashion Roses collection.

Here are some nice examples (all of these projects were kindly sent by our customers).

Cosmetics Travel Case

Cosmetics Travel Case

This cool project was created and kindly shared by Natalia Tsigelman. Many thanks to Natalia!

Natalia used a ready-made cosmetics travel case. She carefully removed the top fabric from it, stitched three lovely bushes of bullion roses on it, put the top back and secured it with hot glue. The bullion roses embroidery designs are from SweetFashion Roses collection.

Cosmetics Travel Case

Note: This project required careful use of Precise Design Positioning technique. So if you're not an expert in this yet - please check out our positioning tips.

Elegant Velour Tea Cozy

Elegant Velour TeaCozy

Photos of this beautiful tea cozy have been kindly shared by Brenda Rackley.

Notice that Brenda used some velour fabrics for the body of her tea cozy, and inserted a double-folded golden trim between the front and back sides. The bullion roses designs are from SweetFashion Roses embroidery designs set.

Brenda also made a brilliant use of metallic thread in golden golor - notice the beautiful sparklink, which adds so much to the entire piece.

Note: Velour and other "fluffy", stitches-obsorbing types of fabric require the use of Water Soluble Topping. The topping will keep stitches on top of the fabric.

Monogrammed Rosy Pillows

Monogrammed Rosy Pillows

Photos of these precious pillows have been provided by Bobbie Berry from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you so much!

The pillow on the left is made of cream-colored artificial silk. It's adorned with matching trim, and personalized with 3 letters from Monogram #2 font.

The monogram is surrounded by lovely embroideries of bullion roses, taken from the Sweetfashion Roses set of embroidery designs.

The pillow on the right is made of pearl-pink linen fabric, matching pearl-white trim, an initial from Elegant Floral Initials alphabet, and rose vignettes from Sweetfashion Roses designs collection. This pillow is certainly an easy project, while it makes a precious gift.

1. To learn aligning many designs is a single hooping using embroidery software, check out our Design Combining Guide.

2. To learn stitching designs exactly where you want them to be located, check out our Precise Designs Positioning tips.

3. Instead of hooping slippery silk, like on the cream-colored pillow, consider using the Hoopless Embroidery Method. This way you hoop a piece of cutaway stabilizer, spray temporary spray adhesive over it, attach the fabric on top, and then embroider.

Rosy Guest Towels

Rosy Guest Towels

Photos of these lovely guest towels have been kindly provided by Bobbie Berry from Memphis. Bobbie, thank you!

Bobbie used ready blank guest towels with gentle pink squares, and adorned the towels with some beautiful bullion roses from Sweetfashion Roses collection. Bobbie also trimmed the first towel with a lovely pearl-white lace trim. Simple and elegant!

SweetFashion Roses
14 elegant shapes with bullion roses. 4x4 inch hoop.
Guest Towels