Snowflake Ornaments
8 Beautiful Christmas Ornaments Suitable for 4x4 hoop.
Thanksgiving Harvest
8 beautiful holiday spirit designs Suitable for 5x7 hoop
Golden Thanksgiving
7 metallic designs Suitable for 4x4 hoop
Mini Halloween
4 beautiful designs Suitable for 4x4 hoop
Regular price: $17.90
Sale price: $8.95
6 lovely lightweight Valentine cards 4x4 inch hoop
Hallow Mals
9 machine embroidery designs for 4"x4" hoops
Regular price: $28.80
Sale price: $14.40
Heirloom Pumpkins
10 machine embroidery designs for 5"x7" hoops
Regular price: $30.70
Sale price: $15.35
Birthday Gold
48 designs for Birthday & Anniversary projects
Valentine Greetings
28 valentine designs, for card stock embroidery. 4"x4" hoop.
Chinese Blessings
7 Chinese Blessings for new year. Great for making New Year "Best Wishes" cards.
Christmas Angels
12 lovely angels designs for babies & kids. 5x7 inch hoop.
Twelve Days Of the Christmas
12 designs of 12 Days of Christmas 5"x7" hoop.
Evergreen Forest
6 designs of pines and pine cones. 5x7 inch hoop.
Christmas Motifs
13 designs with Christmas motifs, symbols 4x4 inch hoop.
Pine Cones Tableware
8 stylized designs with pine cones 5x7 inch hoop.
Christmas Ornaments
10 standalone lace Christmas ornaments set. 5"x7" hoop.
Magic of Christmas
12 amaising designs for home decor and Christmas presents. 5x7 inch hoop.
Halloween Patches
11 stunning Halloween patch-type designs. 4x4 inch hoop. Instruction included.
Regular price: $29.90
Sale price: $14.95
Black Cats 5"x7"
19 amazing Cats designs for Halloween projects. 5x7-inch hoop.
Regular price: $29.90
Sale price: $14.95
Christmas Gold 4x4
26 monocolor Christmas designs 4x4-inch hoop. 1 size.
Joyful Christmas Stockings
6 in-hoop stockings in 2 sizes
for 5x7 & 6x10-inch hoops
Joyful Christmas Stockings
6 in-hoop stockings for 5x7-inch hoops
Joyful Christmas
12 Christmas designs in 2 sizes
for 4x4 & 5x7-inch hoops
Joyful Christmas for 4x4 hoop
12 Christmas designs for 4x4-inch hoops.
Available in set only.