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Suitable for 4x4 hoop
Owls Supplemental
Suitable for 4x4 hoop
Friendly Gnomes
8 Friendly Gnome designs Suitable for 4x4 hoop
Valentine's Hearts
6 Valentine's designs Suitable for 4x4 and 5x7 hoop
Victoria Regina
6 flower designs Suitable for 5x7 hoop
Art Nouveau Font & Frames NEW!!!
Set includes 29 designs
Santa And Snowmen
These joyful designs feature Santas, Snowmen and othe Christmas motifs. They're small, cute, great for making fast Christmas gifts! Also perfect for various home decor winter projects. Enjoy!
Snowflake Ornaments
This set features 8 amazing winter-theme designs of snowflake ornaments. Great for Christmas decorations, and generally for winter season!They can be used to decorate a tree, windows, hang them from the ceiling etc etc.
Golden Thanksgiving
These 7 lovely designs are great for the fall season, including Thanksgiving and Halloween. The designs stitch out fast, only one color, and they're very lovely. Great for making quick holiday gifts. Imagine all of the lovely kitchen accessories with these embroideries. They look especially beautiful with metallic thread!
Coral Bell
Font includes 26 capital letters. All capital letters are included, each letter fits a 4x4-inch hoop.
Mini Halloween
This lovely Halloween set features cute owls, and a pumpkin. Stitch them on anything Halloween-related. You may make decorated candy totes, embroidered cards, caps, T-shirt patches etc. They look cute if embroidered on denim, and then sewn over clothes in form of patch.
Bird Houses
This lovely set features designs of birdhouses, blue birds, matching flowers, tree and borders. It's great for gardening-related items, like BBQ aprons etc. You may also make cool tote bags, kitchen towels, pot holders, tea cozies and even samplers.
Love Apples
This lovely set of apples and apple trees may be handy for many occasions. First of all - for picnic accessories and items for kitchen, including aprons, holders, towels etc etc. Second - for decorating cushions. And also for tote bags!
Scent Of Roses
This lovely set features 6 designs of red roses and rosebuds. This mix may be used for decorating clothes, linens, home decor items like cushions and napkins, etc etc. The options are endless.
Bird Cages
This lovely set features 8 joyful lightweight designs with birds and bird cages. You may use them on various home decor items, like a pillow, tea cozy, apron etc. They're fast to stitch, and look lovely.
Jewish Elements
These designs set features the most popular Jewish symbols. It's great for making beautiful accessories for Sabbath, items for Synagogues, or just gifts for your Jewish friends or family.
Christian Motifs
These handy set features modern style designs in Christian theme,including popular motifs of lamb, crosses, praying hands, chalice etc.

These designs are extremely handy for making Christmas gifts, and also for any religious accessories. One more great use is to make beautiful stuff for your Church community, or to decorate a Bible cover.
Ladybug and Flowers
A great whimsical companion to our new ladybug group. These crisp, bright and colorful designs will bring a smile to your face.

Stitch them out on organza, and they will look like lace. May be cut out and used as patches anywhere :o)
French Poodles
These playful french poodles are looking for new homes and new friends. Did you know that poodles have been famous since ancient times? A poodle was featured on both ancient Greek and Roman coins! They are smart and fierce and oh so pretty! Enjoy our new group!
This stylish set features four Spanish-style black-work designs. Black-work was extremely fashionable in 15th and 16th centuries, especially among the high society. We hope that you will enjoy them nowadays too... These designs really have their own charm and style. The set features two round designs (for doilies, table-map centers etc) and 2 suitable borders. 5x7-inch hoop required.
Whimsical LadyBug
Many people are fond of ladybugs because of their colorful, spotted appearance and so are we! But we also love the story of ladybugs.

There are different versions of how these small beetles came to be known as ladybugs, but one of the most popular versions is that during the Middle Ages in Europe, the crops were being taken over by insects and dying. People were beginning to starve so the farmers decided to pray to the Virgin Mary to help them with their insect problem. The farmers were a little bit upset when even more insects showed up, little red beetles with black spots on them, because they thought that these new insects were going to eat the crops, too. But the beetles that came actually ate the bugs that were eating the crops, and so the beetles became known as the �beetles of Our Lady�, eventually shortened to simply ladybug.

Please welcome our new bright and colorful collection of ladybugs and flowers!
Lacy Butterfly Corners Machine Embroidery Design
Spring is in the air and we feel like celebrating! And what better way to let the spring weather into our homes and our hearts than with this colorful collection of butterflies and violets! Here is a new wonderful addition to our popular Lacy Butterfly Machine Embroidery Design set. Hope you enjoy these elegant designs as much as we do! Happy spring!
Taj Mahal
This elegant set of Indian style designs is suitable for many purposes. It is great for creating various home decor items, fashion accessories, and some elements may even be used for decorating clothes. This set is very handy because it includes both finished and endless borders (which you may stitch one after another to create a border of virtually any length). The elements may be used on their own, or combined together to create napkins, pillows, table maps and so on.
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Lacy Butterflies
6 machine embroidery designs for 4x4 inch hoops. This lace collection offers a nearly endless potential for making fast, professional looking in-hoop gifts.
Lacy Easter
This collection features 4 embroidery designs organza laced. These designs look like lace, and if you stitch them out on organza fabric (plus a layer of water soluble backing), they will look very much like standalone lace. And of course you may use them on regular fabrics too. We have also added a free Easter oriented design.

Joyful Lambs
This collection features 6 embroidery designs with beautiful lambs. These designs are both freestyle and project-oriented. You may stitch them out on summer bags, kitchen towels, gardening items etc etc.
Sea World
The designs feature sea shells, cute fish, corals etc. They can be stitched out on guest twels, napkins, beach bags or even cushions. 5"x7" inch hoops
This collection features 6 Valentine related designs. Can be used as a great gift on February 14th. They can also be used all year long for beach bags, aprons and other fashionable accessories! These designs are suitable for 4"x4" inch hoops
Frog Set
This collection features 7 embroidery designs with beautiful frogs. These designs are both freestyle and project-oriented. You may stitch them out on summer bags, kitchen towels, gardening items etc etc.
Christmas Tree Ornaments
These ornaments are perfect for decorating a Christmas Tree as well as bringing a winter mood to the house. 4"x4" inch hoop.
Wheat Field Font
Font includes 26 capital letters in 3 sizes each.All capital letters are included, each letter fits a 4x4-inch hoop.
Wheat Field Cutwork<br>December 16,2012

This set features 7 project-oriented wheat designs in cut-work technique. Very useful for Christian projects, tableware, kitchen items,as well as for bags and cushions. NOTE: These are done for "machine cut-work" technique, cutting is super easy, instruction included.
Wheat Field Poppies<br>December 13,2012

This collection features 6 natural looking embroidery designs with beautiful poppies. These designs are both freestyle and project-oriented. A great find for kitchen stuff, gardening accessories and tableware!
100-cones Christmas Poly-Thread Kit Special<br>December 2, 2012

Dear Friends! Since Christmas is on the tip, we decided to make a grandiose special offer: by ordering 100-cone polyester thread kit by the sale price of $117.40 you will receive the new Christmas stockings Set FREE. With this offer you are able to save up to $70.
100-cones Poly-Thread Kit<br>October 19, 2012

Dear Friends Embroiderers, we are glad to announce that our most anticipated 100 cone polyester thread kit is on sale. This an awesome thread pack, with great selection of 100 unique colors.
Halloween Design Sale<br>October 4, 2012

Dear Beloved Friends Embroiderers, we are here to announce that we have launched an up to 80% sale for the Halloween Designs. We are sure you will find something that will fit all your needs. Happy Halloween!
"Trick or Treat" Bag<br>October 4, 2012

Dear Friends, we are happy to introduce a new Halloween project from our beloved Bobbie Berry. The project is very easy and quick to make, plus it is followed with a step-by-step instructions. Thank you Bobbie!
Hallow Mals<br>September 25, 2012

Dear Friends, Today, we'd like to introduce our new collection "Hallow Mals" which were planned specifically for the Long Waited Halloween. The following 3 days you are able to get the "Hallow Mals" Collection ABSOLUTELY FREE to ANY order over $11.
Irises Beautiful Endings<br>September 13, 2012

Dear Friend, we are very glad to introduce you our new design collection. This collection includes 7 designs - 6 in a Beautiful Ending Technique and 1 in a Cutwork Technique. We believe this collection is going to be a perfect match for every family. Happy Embroidery!
Captain & Mate Guest Towels Special<br>August 27, 2012 <br>

Dear Friends! Today we�d like to introduce our new special offer � by purchasing dozen white guest towels you will receive CD with a new design collection. This set includes 2 Captain & Mate designs. We do believe you will enjoy such guest towels special. Happy Embroidery!
Fall is Coming Thread Kit Special<br>August 24, 2012 <br>

Dear Friends Embroiderers, As we know, the fall is almost here, and to face it with an honor we have prepared a new special offer for you. By purchasing Fall Thread Kit you will get our newest Grape And Wine Set FREE.
New Christmas Holly Designs<br>August 21, 2012 <br>

Dear Friends, we are here to announce that Christmas preparations are in a full strength at Anna Bove Embroidery and we have published a new Christmas collection in appliqu� style with usage of gold metallic thread.
New Darling Collections<br>August 15, 2012 <br><br>
We are gladly announce our 3 new collections made for our lovely Babies and little Kiddies. Collections includes cute designs of butterflies, bunny rabbits, and etc, decorated in flowers for our beautiful kiddies.
Project Club Update <br>August 10, 2012 <br><br>
Today we have published 4 new projects of Bobbie Berry, Sally Red, and Annie Madapallimattam. The Projects are followed by step-by-step instructions.
New Combo CD<br>August 2, 2012

You have an opportunity to purchase new fonts on one combined CD. By purchasing CD Combo designs you are saving 30% from the original price of of new designs.
New Embroidery Fonts<br>August 2, 2012

Today, we'd like to announce our 3 new fonts:Georgian Font, Caroline Font, and Belle Epoque Font. They are made in an antique hand-embroidery style. Each includes 26 individual letters in 3 different sizes.
Project Club Update <br>June 29, 2012 <br><br>
Today we have published 3 new projects of our contributors: Bobbie Berry and Sally Red. "Sleeping Mask" made by Bobbie Berry and "The Sunflowers XS Alphabet Pillow" with "Daffodil Tea" made by Sally Red. The Projects are followed by step-by-step instructions.
Lavender Initial Embellishments<br>June 26, 2012

If you like to personalize your projects than this collection is just for you. The set includes 4 one and two letter frames as well as Name Swag decorated in lavender�s flowers. By purchasing full collection you will receive the following designs for free: MRS, MR, MINE, and YOURS.
New Dried Lavender Collection<br>June 26, 2012

Dried lavender collection includes 7 designs of lavender flowers for 5x7 inch hoops. The designs made in redwork embroidery technique and sew out very, very fast. These designs are suitable for embroidery even on very delicate materials and are ideal to be embroidered on bed linens.
New Collections 2012 - Violets Font<br>April 12, 2012

We�d like to introduce our new font, which is perfect to decorate any spring projects. Font is decorated in adorned violet�s flowers and includes 26 initial letters from A to Z.
By ordering 100-cone polyester thread kit by sale price $109.00 you will receive new Violets Font Free.
New Sakura - Cherry Blossom Collection<br>March 21, 2012

Spring Is Here! And we're excited to publish a new set of designs. This mini collection is featuring 6 designs of cherry blossom flowers in different shapes. Cherry blossoms are the flowers most beloved by the Japanese. Because cherry blossoms have short blooming times and are fragile, they have been used to symbolize the transience of life. Sakura flower is also a symbol for the bond between humans, courage and happiness.
New Daffodils Collections<br>March 14, 2012

We just have published our 2 new collections � Daffodils Appliqu� and Art Nouveau Daffodils 2 � letter monograms. Both new sets are decorated in daffodil�s flowers and will perfectly math any spring projects. Designs out of first set are made in Patch-making technique, you may not only embroider them on the ready garments but also use them as separate patches.
New Sewing Projects<br>March 11, 2012

We just have published 3 new projects made by Bobbie Berry. Double Scissor Holder, Large Pin Cushion for people who do large drapery or identical projects and regular size pin cushions are not large enough and Little shoe Hat Pin project, to which you are able download new free designs. All projects are followed by step-by-step instructions.
Freebie Archive Update<br>March 11, 2012

This project-oriented freebie includes 2 designs made in patch-making technique. To embroider it you will need water-soluble stabilizer. We also have prepared step-by-step instructions for this project.
Happy Embroidering!
New Embroidery Fonts<br>March 08, 2012

We are glad to inform, that we have published 3 new fonts, which complement already known by you collections: Baby Dream, Mono-Dream and brand new Victorian Flowers Collections. We tried to make new fonts in the same style as and designs so you could personalize your projects or add interesting elements using fonts as designs.
New Combo CDs<br>March 08, 2012

You have an opportunity to purchase new fonts on one combined CD with similar styled designs. By purchasing CD Combo designs you are saving 30% from the original price of of new designs.

Be sure to check the category of these designs, monograms and fonts combos and have fun by saving and receiving the design you have liked.
New Wisteria - Purple Vine Collections<br>March 01, 2012

Today, we are publishing 2 new collections, both sets decorated with flowers of wisteria or as it called in China: �Purple Vine�. First collection Purple Vine 2-letter Monograms include all of the 2-letter monograms from A to Z and matching frame. The second Wisteria - Purple Vine collection include 7 designs for 5x7-inch hoops.
New Free 4 Letters !!!
Now, to your attention we have provided only 26 different letters out of 26 different fonts, but in a mean time, at our website you are able to find about 100's different fonts. By following our newsletters you are able to receive free letters out of each Machine Embroidery Font we have.