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Dear friends! We've decided to launch a unique offer, that allows you to get as many designs as you wish, in exchange for something. Specifically, in exchange for projects photos & instructions for our on-line gallery.

When buying a set of designs (after 06.11.2009), you can get a $25 coupon towards next purchase of our designs, by contributing your project photos & instructions.

Project Requirements:

1. Each "qualifying" project should utilize at least 2 designs (or 2 projects with 1 featured design per project).

2. Each "qualifying" project should come along with reasonably detailed instruction, and at least 2-3 step-by-step photos.

3. The photos should be of reasonably decent quality, and at least 800 pixels wide.

4. Each project should be submitted to us by email, along with your permission for us to use it.

5. Project submission date should be 45 days (or less) after your purchase, to qualify for coupon credit.

- Please send all projects to [email protected].
- Please allow us a few days to review the files and reply.
- Each $25 coupon will be sent to you by email, in electronic format.

Happy Stitching!

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